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4Me Japanese Learning is an e-learning service for corporate clients who employ foreign staff in Japan or outside of Japan.
Our service will help your staff to acquire "Basic Japanese skills".

4Me Japanese learning Study Program

Acquire “Basic Japanese skills" relevant of level JLPT N5/N4.

  1. Unlimited access to more than 70 Movie contents
  2. A level check test to be conducted before starting to study
  3. "Easy revision" in learning Japnese letters and characters (Hiragana/Katakana)
  4. Extensive progress check tests are fully available.
4Me Study Program

Japanese Language Education is evolving by 4Ms
-More simple and speedy!

  • Movie

    Unlimited access to movie contents

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    Multi-device Compatible

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    Monitor learning history

  • Motivative

    Unlimited access to enriched study materials and tests

4Me Features and Service contents

Lecturers of Meikai University with an established reputation in Japanese language education will teach your staff thoroughly.

4Me Lecturers
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It’s because “e-learning” that makes it possible to take high-quality Japanese lessons so readily!

Do you think it's hard to master Japanese language through E-learning? Do not worry.
4Me Japanese Learning is the best web learning site created by Gakken, the expert of Education which has more than 70 years of history in Japan.

It was also compiled fully by Meikai University which has an established reputation in Japanese language education.
That is why 4Me makes it possible for a beginner level staff to achive skills up to N4 Level within a short period.

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