Courses and fees

Easy management based on “tiered fixed price” in accordance with a group of user accounts that you purchase yearly. Save your cost by up-front payment for a long-term at once!

Basic Service Fee

Please choose your course based on the number of expected users.

[advance lump-sum payment for 1 year – with a special discount]
Course Monthly Fee
20user course ¥850/user
50user course ¥680/user
100user course ¥595/user
300user course ¥510/user
500user course ¥425/user
(First Year only)
Entrance Fee
  1. All course fee payment must be made in advance.
  2. Payment can be made also in a monthly schedule. However, the total course fee will be different. Please contact us for a quotation.
  3. In case consumption tax is incurred, it will be added to the course fee.
  4. Please ask us for a quotation for more than 501 users course.
  5. Entrance Fee for more than 300 users course is ¥200,000
  6. The Entrance Fee is not required for the following year subscription.
  7. Payment has to be made in JPY to a designated bank account in Japan.
  8. The bank transfer charges to be borne by the remitter.

Administration tools and support for corporate clients

Dedicated administration page for corporate clients

On 4Me dedicated administration page for a corporate client, a manager as a supervisor can monitor learning histories of user at any time, 24hours and 365days for free. Also, a manager can register/swap/delete/add user accounts easily on the page.

Service Fee
¥0 Free
¥0 Free
Basic Function
  1. User account manager
    (Register/Delete/Swap/Add) (Register/Delete/Swap/Add)
  2. Monitoring of User’s learning histor
Items to monitor
  • Progress of each user’s study
  • Total numbers of movies that a user completed viewing
  • Total numbers of hours that a user completed viewing.
  • Total numbers of tests that a user has taken ---etc. total of 11 items

Initial setting and user account registration service

Gakken will take care of all the required initial setting and user account registration to start our service. It is recommended for large numbers of user’s subscription or when you are in a hurry.

Number of user account Fee
less than 100user accounts ¥10,000
101-300 user accounts ¥20,000
301-500 user accounts ¥30,000
  1. In case consumption tax is incurred, it will be added to the fee.
  2. The service will be available only for an initial setting at the start of the subscription.
  3. fixed rate. Not based on actual numbers of user account.