System and Hardware requirements

  • What are the system and hardware requirements to use 4Me Japanese Learning?

    For learning user's system requirement

    OS Browser
    Firefox 59+
    Google Chrome 67+
    Windows10 Edge latest version
    Firefox 59+
    Google Chrome 67+
    Mac OS
    Safari 11+
    OS Browser
    Google Chrome 67+
    iOS 10+ Safari 11+

    For a corporate manager's system requirement

    OS Browser
    Google Chrome 67+
    Windows10 Edge latest version
    Firefox 59+
    Google Chrome 67+
  • Movie contents cannot be played.
    Please check What are the system and hardware requirements? if your laptop or browser are met with the requirements. Please also make sure if Flash player is installed in your laptop. Without Flash player, a movie content will not be played properly.
  • Is the learning history accessed via smartphone and laptop will be synchronized and saved in the system?
    Yes, all the learning history will be saved and syncronized regardless of devise that is used to access our service online.
  • Can I access 4Me JapaneseLearning from overseas?
    Yes, you can access 4Me Japanese Learning from anywhere so long as there is internet connection.
  • I have forgotten Login password.
    If you have forgotten login password for learning user account, please set a new password here Forgotten password, If you have forgotten your login password for corporate user account, please contact our support team : E-mail:4me-info@gakken.co.jp

Service contents

  • Is there minimum level of Japanese Language skills to start with?
    No, there isn't
    You can select display language from Japanese / English. The subtitles in the movies can be selected from English/Chinese(simplified)/Burmese. Level Check Test will be carried out to check user's Japanese language skills before starting,then will be notified to users a most suitable start point of their learning. In case a user do not understand any Japanese, he/she will start learning how to write/read letters and characters.
  • Do you have any other study materials except for lesson movies?
    Yes, we have.
    Supplementary learning materials in PDF format that summarizes of lesson movies are available. In addition, for iterative learning is essential in mastering letters and characters (HIRAGANA/KATAKANA), all the movie contents and PDF materials for letters and characters are stored under My Page>Menu List>Guidance and appendix for easy access.
  • What are the courses available and how much is the fee?
    Please refer to Courses and Fees. The service for more than 501 user accounts, please kindly contact us. We will send you a quotation after consultation.
  • How long do a learning user need to complete all the lessons?
    Unlimited access to Japanese learning movie contents total around 22 hours in 4Me Japanese Learning. Learning users can set their study plan that matches to their motivation or based on their routines. For example, a user study 30-40 minutes a day for 6days a week, he/she will complete the whole course within 2 months.

Sign up

  • How can our company sign up for the service?
    Please contact us via the Contact Form first.We will then contact you back for preliminary hearing. Once we have necessary information (suitable course, duration, payment method, etc.), we will send our quotation to you.
  • How is the process to sign up on the contract, and to start using the service?
    Upon confirmation of client's of service contents, 1) sign a contract 2) Pay in advance. Upon completion of 1) & 2), we will notify you the dedicated administration page for a corporate client. You can set up learning user account, then the system will automatically send each user an e-mail with a guidance for them to start learning.
  • If we decide to cancel to use the service after signing up the contract, do you refund us?
    We do not refund any fees to customers that has been paid to us regardless of reasons. We also do not refund in case the customer changes the course with less number of user account, or has not used the service fully within the contract period.
  • How can we sign up for more than 501 user accounts?
    After we consult with you and then we will send our quotation to you. Please feel free to contact 4Me Japanese learning support office E-mail:4me-info@gakken.co.jp


  • I would like to change E-mail address
    Learning user's e-mail address : Registered E-mail address either on free trial or on contract can not be changed. Corporate user's e-mail address: Please contact 4Me Japanese learning support office E-mail:4me-info@gakken.co.jp
  • I am a manager of corporate. How can I check user's learning history
    Once you login to the dedicated administration page, you can view all the user learning histories. In addition to viewing histories on the page, you are also able to download the data as CSV file at anytime for your convenience.
  • Can we swap/delete learning user's account?
    Yes, you can manage learning users' account(register/swap/delete/add). Our service contract is based on a year, however, if a user studies for 20-30 minutes a day for 5days a week, he/she will complete the whole course within 4 months. In this case, you can delete the user's account who has completed the course, then swap to a new user. Based on the above mentioned case, you can actually make use of our service for 3 times more users than numbers of user account in the contract.
  • Do we need to pay entrance fee every year?
    No, you don't need to. The entrance fee is only required to pay for the first year subscription. For all 20 user accounts/ 50 user accounts/100 user account course, the entrance fee is ¥100,000. For more than 300 users course, it is ¥200,000.
  • We are too busy to set up learning users' accounts.
    Setting up of learning user account in 4Me Japanese e-learning, basically it is required for a corporate manager to do it on your own on the dedicated administration page. However, if you have many users to set up or too little time to start using our service, the service to set up learning user account by Gakken on behalf of a corporate user is available. (Fee of ¥10,000 to ¥30,000 is applicable)