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Content Terms






I am a registered user of 4Me Japanese e-learning program (hereinafter "4Me"). I recognize and understand that the copyright and other intellectual property rights of all learning contents to be presented after logging in to 4Me (hereinafter "the Contents") belong to Gakken Inc.(hereinafter "Gakken") .

I use the Contents only for my own learning purpose in accordance with the methods and conditions specified by Gakken, and not for any other purposes.

Even if printable materials are included in the Contents, I shall print and use them only for my own learning purpose, and will not disclose or provide them to third parties.

In addition, I will not videotape a video part of the Contents with a smartphone or other type of recording devices, even for my own learning purpose.

I will not infringe the rights of Gakken, by actions such as manufacturing, distributing, unauthorized reprinting, or distributing the imitated/pirated version of 4Me.

I recognize and understand that if I violate the rules mentioned above, at the discretion of Gakken, I may lose accessibility to the whole or a part of 4Me.