Features and Service contents

4Me Japanese Learning will approach staff’ s Basic Japanese skills by 4 Ms.

More simple and more speedy but steadily.
Gakken, the expert of Education
will provide a solution to problems of your company.

  • Movie


    Unlimited access to more than 70 lesson movies (around 22hrs).
    The lecturers at Meikai University with an established reputation in Japanese language education will teach you thoroughly.

  • Mobile


    Compatible with Multi-devices.
    Easy access via smartphone, tablet, or laptop from anywhere. No installation of application nor any downloading are required.

  • Monitoring


    The learning history of users can be monitored easily at anytime through dedicated administration page on the site.

  • Motivative


    Unlimited access to supplementary learning materials(PDF) and 40 tests(1360 questions) in total. Our service will keep users motivated because they will feel the progress on their studies in no time.

Main service and functions for learning users

  • Level Check Test

    Level Check Test will be carried out to check user's Japanese skills before starting study. Based on the result, the system will automatically notice users a most suitable start point of their learning.

  • Dedicated My Page for each user

    Each user has a dedicated My Page to watch lesson movies, download supplementary study materials, and check on their learning histories.

  • Learning History

    Users can learn efficiently by accessing My Page to check on their study progress, history of watched lesson movies, as well as their test results and the scores at any times.

Other service and functions
Language setting
Learning users can select their display language on the website from Japanese/English and subtitles on lesson movies from English/Chinese(simplified)/Burmese/Indonesian/Vietnamese.
*Only Japanese audio is available on lesson video
Lesson Test
Users can take a Lesson Test to measure how well they understand each lesson.
Ability Check Test
Users can take a Ability Check Test to measure their understandings after all the movie contetnts and Lesson Tests being completed.
Guidance and Appendix (Movie/PDF format)
Users can access to useful supplementary study materials that will support an effective way of study at any time, and as much as they need.

Service and functions for a corporate manager

  • View/Download user's learning history

    Viewing all the user learning histories and also downloading the data as csv format are available at anytime for your convenience.

  • 履歴キャプチャ
  • Batch registration of user's information service

    Batch registration service is available for your convenience by compiling all the user's information into a csv format to upload. This will be very convenient when you have a large number of users to register.
    However, if you have many users to set up or too little time to start using our service, the service to set up learning user account by Gakken on behalf of a corporate user is available. (Fee of \10,000 to \30,000 is applicable)

  • csv